Playdough ice cream

Following the monkey and alligator song, I suggested the kids use playdough to make monkeys and a log for an alligator.  This proved too challenging for most of them; they were afraid they couldn’t make it look like the animals.  Our Kool-Aid-dyed playdough smelled like synthetic fruit and so kids quickly started making ice cream scoops instead.

playdough scoops

I challenged them to make one-five scoops and even taught some of them how to roll a cone, sneaking in some geometry language when we talked about what made it a cone.  Most kids had to be taught how to roll a ball of playdough, making me happy I had brought it.  We compared the ice cream cones of a pair of kids: who had more scoops?  Who had fewer?

Playdough is very easy to make.  Keep some food colouring and cream of tartar at hand; there is absolutely no reason to spend time and money at the additional trip to the toy store to purchase Play-Doh.


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