Summer math – it’s kid-approved!

I collected fun games and resources for families of my school district to keep their students engaged in math over the summer.  All games have been tested with students and are kid-approved!  All activities are free to access.  You will need access to a printer to create board games, dice, tangram puzzles and more.

Below are also links to websites with free and fun games that will require your student to use the math skills they built over the school year.  It’s a good thing they went to school so they can play the games!

*Disclaimer: I do not endorse any of the websites I link to, but I have used all the linked materials with students.  Links were last checked in August 2014.*

Math in the kitchen

Have you noticed how much math you use when you cook or bake?  Fractions, measurements and simple operations are all part of normal kitchen skills.  This free cookbook offers simple recipes to share with kids.


Free PDF download.

Baking with Kids” is a free electronic resource on involving kids in baking and using recipes, including modifying the recipes using math skills.






Bedtime Math

Do you share stories with your kids at bedtime?  Ladybugs, firefighters and meteors can all provide material for a nightly math story to ponder for little and big kids alike.  Bedtime Math has a daily story on their website and they are amazing.

Games and puzzles

boardgamethumb Make-your-own game boards to color in, decorate and create your own rules for.  Use a combination of dice to practice addition for the youngest ones.  See more at Donna Young.




DiesparkleboxthumbMake-your-own dice as a good exercise in geometry – and a nice addition to the game boards.  Click the pictures to see more.





Printable-10-Sided-Paper-Dice-Blue-350w thumbMore die templates can be found at:






tangram_templatethumb.gifTangrams are addictive and fun for all ages.  They are basic shapes to cut out and rearrange to make a wealth of figures and images, ranging from easy to the very hard.  Click the picture to get a printable tangram set.

Patterns to build with the tangram prices can be found at Making Learning Fun.



Practice those multiplication facts

Multiplication Bump is a game that has been requested by students at our district events.

Get the game for multiplication 4 through 9 here.

Get the game with a theme of Australian animals here.

Get games for multiplication by 2 through 12 (12 games boards) here.


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